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Tue, Jul. 6th, 2004, 09:58 am
laurenhealy: Not long now!

It's not long at all until T In The Park and now the last phase of my plan comes into action....

Actually, I don't have a plan! Haha!

It's really now just me going to text you on the Saturday of T In The Park with somewhere to meet and a time and everything. Me and spikedpeaches __musicbox and notsoape will be arriving at T together (as we are all staying on the same campsite) and then I will find a suitable and noticeable place to meet (probably a tent full of alcohol!!) and then we will all meet and it shall be fun!!!

So...if I don't already have your mobile number (or the number of somebody who you are going with) then make sure you either email it to me, or send it to 07890 959 450.

Some news, just in case you didn't know. David Bowie is no longer playing because of a trapped nerve in his shoulder. So, instead, The Darkness are now headliners on that day instead of Bowie. Also, The Charlatans have been added to the bill! The Libertines have said that they are going to play all festivals this summer, but without Peter.